New slogan: stronger together with steel


With steel we’re stronger together. With this new slogan we are keen to present ourselves even more clearly as the project partner for interior contractors who want to do ‘something with steel’ in their designs.

More than presentation systems 

Many customers know Perfotube as a supplier of presentation systems for the retail industry. And that’s not surprising. After all, that’s how we started out. Over the years, however, we have developed into a complete supplier of steel for indoor applications – one with a particularly strong focus on custom solutions.  

The partner for interior contractors 

For years now we have also been actively seeking out partnerships with interior contractors, who have a natural tendency to ‘think in wood’. By joining forces with Perfotube, you can integrate the best of both worlds into your interior designs.

Examples of products and projects 

What do we mean by custom steel solutions? Well, what do you think about these steel frames, this steel furniture and these other examples of custom steel products?

Our customers use products like these to create stunning interiors for hotels and restaurants & cafés. But also in the area of offices and public buildings, for example. 550x340.jpg?preset=newsletter

Question about steel? 

Do you have a specific question about steel for a project? Or would you just like to exchange ideas on what is possible when it comes to custom steel solutions? Then make sure you get in touch with us. After all, our new slogan is more than just words. It’s a promise. Stronger together with steel! 



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