Plenty of innovations in Hardenberg



Last week we showed many of you some interesting innovations at the Interior Design and Wood & Plastic Trade Fair in Hardenberg. We would like to thank you for your visit and all the positive feedback we received. An overview of all these innovations is presented below.



This newly developed system made its first appearance at the trade fair. The Mono System uses just one slot and the components are made from a single piece. The simplicity of the design has resulted in a system that is luxurious, sleek, versatile and strong too. 

Your feedback at the trade fair was overwhelmingly positive. As a result we will be developing even more accessories within this series. Together with you we will make this new in-store presentation system a huge success.

Get in touch with us about Perfomono as soon as you have a project and want to use this attractive system to help it stand out. We will be happy to explain how it works.

Stainless steel in disguise

You have been using the Perfoplug plug socket system successfully for many years. The stainless steel insert elements give a store a luxurious look. Nevertheless, from time to time customers ask us whether we could also supply this system in other materials. Now we can: we are now able to apply a range of metallic colours, including copper, bronze, brass, gold and more besides, to stainless steel.

With the help of a unique process, we can colour the stainless steel and also give it a tougher and smoother surface that is even better quality than chrome. This treatment does not change the structure of the stainless steel in any way. In other words, if the stainless steel has been polished, it stays polished, and if it has been brushed, a brushed effect is retained.


If you want to stand out from the crowd with a unique monopoint system, we can now help you to do this with Perfoplug COLORS.

Perfotube RAW

Looking for a rough finish or perhaps a colourful look? With Perfotube's new product line all kinds of options are available. RAW is a range of insert elements based on our chrome range, but made from untreated steel.

As more and more customers are after a look other than chrome, we have developed a new range of insert elements. These products, made from bare steel, can be given a clear powder coat to retain the tough appearance of the steel or powder coated in a colour of your choice to help you stand out from the crowd. 2011.jpg?preset=newsletter  

The hanging brackets and front arms are supplied with a chrome glide strip to ensure that clothes hangers slide easily and will not damage the coating. The RAW range includes: support bars, hanging brackets and front arms.

Our standard gondola stands, connector bars and wall brackets can also be given a clear powder coat, of course. Clear powder coating is possible in a high gloss or matt finish. The matt coating gives the steel an uncoated look.