When should you opt for the Plug System?

The Plug System is suitable for a wide range of retail applications. It is frequently used by fashion and shoe retailers, but is also extremely popular with opticians and is used to present high-tech devices such as telephones. Thanks to its elegant look, the Plug System is mainly used in the mid-range and high-end segments.

How does this presentation system work?

The starting point for the Plug System is an aluminium socket. You can install this anywhere you like: in a brick wall, a steel screen, a wooden wall or even a glass sheet. All kinds of elements can then be inserted into it: (shelf-bearing) brackets, arms, carrier arms, etc. This monopoint system allows you to fix these elements to the wall almost invisibly. 

And if you want to change the layout, you can pull them out again just as easily. The Plug System is available in a robust version for heavier loads and a number of lighter versions that create a particularly elegant look.

Ultimate flexibility when presenting your products

Attach presentation elements anywhere you like.

‘Invisible’ attachment

Thanks to the smart design.

Highly flexiblel

Wide range of insert elements.

Special requirements? As we manufacture our systems ourselves, developing a custom product is always possible. More about the possibilities for customisation. 

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Our catalogue contains a complete overview of all components of the Plug System, including specifications and standard dimensions. You can download the catalogue as a PDF file. 

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Receive 3D drawings Many of the components of our presentation systems are also available as 3D drawings, specifically for architects and designers. You can download the drawings as a STEP or IGS file. 


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