When should you opt for the Mono System?

The Mono System is frequently used in the fashion retail segment for clothes, lingerie, shoes and leather goods. Its clean, high-end look and special design make this presentation system particularly popular in the mid-range and high-end segments and with brand stores.

How does this presentation system work?

The Mono System allows you to insert presentation elements into 2 slotted fixing points in an attractively concealed metal upright. What is special about this system is the position of these fixing points in the tube: they are positioned one behind the other, rather than one above the other. This principle gives the system its characteristic minimalist look – only a narrow strip is visible in the wall – without affecting its load-bearing capacity. 

The smart design means the presentation element is fixed into both the front and the (invisible) rear slot. Many of the Mono System accessories are made from a single piece, helping to create its distinctive, sleek look.

Minimalist look

Slim brackets fixed into a narrow strip in the wall.

Sturdy system

Thanks to smart design that allows elements to be fixed at two points, one behind the other.

Sleek look

Many insert elements are made from a single piece.

Special requirements? As we manufacture our systems ourselves, developing a custom product is always possible. More about the possibilities for customisation. 

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Receive 3D drawings Many of the components of our presentation systems are also available as 3D drawings, specifically for architects and designers. You can download the drawings as a STEP or IGS file. 


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