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From small fixings to large tools and from packets of seeds to pots and plants – DIY stores and garden centres sell an incredibly diverse range of products. It is also important that as much of this range as possible is displayed on the shop floor. This places certain demands on the presentation systems used. Specifically for DIY stores and garden centres we supply metal systems that are extremely robust and also particularly versatile.

Popular presentation systems for DIY stores and garden centres

The basis for virtually all presentation systems in this sector is the Tube System. Slotted back panels ensure optimum adjustability, both vertically and horizontally. A diverse range of insert elements are also available for this system, including shelves, (clasp) panel hooks, brackets, racks and hangers of various types and in various sizes.

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Our presentation systems can be found in stores including:

“DIY stores and garden centres want their products to be on display on the shop floor, not sitting in the warehouse. The Tube System is therefore ideal.”

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