When should you opt for the Tube System?

The Tube System is suitable for almost any retail application. Thanks to its sturdiness and flexibility, this presentation system is particularly popular in the low-end and mid-range segments. High-end retailers often combine the Tube System with one or more of our other presentation systems.

How does this presentation system work?

The Tube System is based on vertical uprights or rails: slotted round and square/rectangular tubes or profiles made of metal. These can be fixed directly onto a structural wall or used as freestanding elements. Adjustable feet and wall brackets ensure the system can be perfectly aligned, both horizontally and vertically. The tubes and profiles can be supplied with single and double slots and with a large variety of pitches.

By inserting shelf-bearing brackets, support bars, hanging brackets and other accessories into these, you can easily create a sturdy and flexible presentation system offering optimum vertical adjustability


Quick to assemble

And easy to adjust.

Extremely robust

Thanks to the sturdy metal base.

Highly flexiblel

Wide range of basic components and insert elements.

Special requirements? As we manufacture our systems ourselves, developing a custom product is always possible. More about the possibilities for customisation. 

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Our catalogue contains a complete overview of all components of the Tube System, including specifications and standard dimensions. You can download the catalogue as a PDF file. 

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Receive 3D drawings Many of the components of our presentation systems are also available as 3D drawings, specifically for architects and designers. You can download the drawings as a STEP or IGS file. 


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