The perfect solution – even for specific requirements

Developing a complete custom system can often prove expensive. We keep custom solutions affordable, for example by only developing your own range of insert elements.



We can personalise your presentation system in various ways, for example by engraving your logo into the material or cutting your brand name out of the metal.



We can coat systems in any colour of your choice, but can also supply stainless steel in a range of colours with a metallic look. The image on the left shows a powder coating with a rust effect. On the right is an example of a self-developed colour range.



For Bijenkorf we not only developed a custom system, but also a separate catalogue so that interior contractors can order components easily. On the right is a system that allows retailers of electronic goods to conceal cables in the wall.



Alongside complete systems we also develop individual elements, such as centre displays, table frames and other furniture. However, as the image on the right shows, a shelf structure with integrated lighting is also a possible option.



Are you looking for a system that offers something different in terms of its form or function? We can come up with a suitable (and affordable) solution to meet virtually any requirement. Get in touch with us now!


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