When should you opt for the Line System?

The Line System is suitable for all kinds of retail applications: from sports products and shoes through to presentation walls for jewellery. Its ease of use and price make this system an extremely popular choice in the low-end and mid-range segments. However, the Line System is also frequently used by high-end retailers, for the presentation of telephones and accessories for example.

How does this presentation system work?

The Line System is based on the so-called slatwall principle: MDF slat panels incorporating an aluminium profile. All kinds of presentation elements can be inserted into this profile. We can supply a wide range of accessories, made from metal or plastic, for this purpose. 

The horizontal nature of this system offers you a major advantage: stepless adjustment along the width of the panel. Vertical adjustability is determined by the distance between the profiles. We offer various standard pitches, but can also produce custom panels for you if required.

Stepless horizontal adjustment

Thanks to the slatwall principle.

Most of the system is concealed

Thanks to the integrated profiles.

Special options

Such as illuminated shelves.

Special requirements? As we manufacture our systems ourselves, developing a custom product is always possible. More about the possibilities for customisation. 

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Our catalogue contains a complete overview of all components of the Line System, including specifications and standard dimensions. You can download the catalogue as a PDF file. 

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Receive 3D drawings Many of the components of our presentation systems are also available as 3D drawings, specifically for architects and designers. You can download the drawings as a STEP or IGS file. 


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