Donation: coronavirus equipment


Donation: coronavirus equipment for Veenendaal foodbank and clothing bank

In our last newsletter we announced that we would be donating coronavirus equipment, such as sanitising stations and dispensers, to a good cause. We have now done so: the equipment has been donated to the foodbank and clothing bank in Veenendaal, which was chosen partly thanks to suggestions from our newsletter recipients!

Workers at Veenendaal foodbank and clothing bank were delighted with what they received. Although they are naturally very careful about following all coronavirus measures, they did not yet have access to the professional solutions that are now commonplace in the retail, hospitality and business services sectors. Our steel sanitising stations with elbow dispenser therefore make a valuable contribution to ensuring a safe visit.

Jan Willem van Manen presented the stations to Gerard Scholten from the foodbank and Thea Kuik from the clothing bank last week. We hope they will be of great benefit to them and will help them provide even better protection for visitors!