The name Perfotube is a reference to the first ever presentation system we developed: a modular system based on a slotted tube. This system, now known as the Tube System, continues to be one of the most popular presentation systems on the market. Over the years we have also introduced the Plug System, Line System, Lunar System and Mono System.

Always a presentation system that's right for you

We manufacture our systems ourselves. That means we can always supply a presentation system that fits in with the look you want to achieve and, just as importantly, that suits your budget. What's more, thanks to the modular structure, you don't need to worry about whether all the various components and accessories will fit together.

The leading production partner for the retailer, interior contractor and architect

Over the past few decades the retail industry has become a great deal more professional. That means a number of different parties are often involved in developing the interior of a store: interior contractors, designers and architects, not to mention the retailers themselves. We work closely with everyone involved and are happy to offer constructive advice to help you achieve the best possible solutions.

The invisible force behind the retail professionall

With our solutions our aim is to be the invisible force behind the retail professional. After all, the focus should not be on our systems, but on what our customers can achieve with them. A stronger brand experience or a more efficient store layout. Better and more convenient presentations. Higher sales and an improved ROI. That's what Perfotube is all about.

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